Monday, December 28, 2009

(not) a cheesy love quote

i was surfing at tumblr, when i saw a blogger wrote this down (, and she said she has taken it from a random blog).

it turns the touching quote into something really funny..

If you love someone,
Set her free…
If she comes back, she’s yours,
If she doesn’t, she never was…..

and the new versions are...

If you love someone,
Set her free …
If she ever comes back, she’s yours,
If she doesn’t, as expected, she never was

If you love someone,
Set her free …
Don’t worry, she will come back.

If you love someone,
Set her free …
If she ever comes back, ask her why.

If you love someone,
Set her free …
If she doesn’t come back within some time forget her.

If you love someone, Set her free …
If she doesn’t come back,
continue to wait until she comes back …

If you love someone,
Set her free …
If she comes back, and if you love her still,
set her free again, repeat ….

C++ Programmer:
if(you-love( m_she))
if(m_she == NULL)
m_she = new CShe;

Animal-Rights Activist:
If you love someone,
Set her free,
In fact, all living creatures deserve to be free!!

If you love someone,
Set her free,
Clause 1a of Paragraph 13a-1 in the Second
Amendment of the Matrimonial Freedom

Biologist :
If you love someone,
Set her free,
She’ll evolve.

Statisticians :
If you love someone,
Set her free,
If she loves you, the probability of her coming
back is high
If she doesn’t, your relation was improbable

Schwarzenegger’ s fans:
If you love someone,
Set her free,

Over possessive person :
If you love someone
don’t set her free.

If you love someone set her free instantaneously
and look for others simultaneously

Psychologist :
If you love someone
set her free
If she comes back her super ego is dominant
If she doesn’t come back her id is supreme
If she doesn’t go, she must be crazy.

Somnabulist :
If you love someone
set her free
If she comes back it’s a nightmare
If she doesn’t, you must be dreaming.

ERP functional expert :
If you love someone
set her free
If she comes back, map her into your system
If she doesn’t, carry out a gap-fit analysis

Finance expert :
If you love someone
set her free
If she comes back, its time to look for fresh loans
If she doesn’t, write her off as an asset gone bad.

Marketing Specialist :
If you love someone
set her free
If she comes back she has brand loyalty
If she doesn’t, reposition the brand in new market
But before i leave…Here, i SAVE the Last Dance for You

gotta do my work now..see ya! C=


i said...

really love ur quotes

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